ffmpeg – save last 120 seconds of video file

ffmpeg -sseof -120 -i moviefile.MOV moviefile-last120.MOV Example in real life: Put the videos into a directory with nothing else in there. Then run the following script from that directory: for file in ls; do echo “$file”; ffmpeg -sseof -120 -i $file $file-last120.MOV; echo “00000”; done


The old sethc trick

If the drive is not encrypted, you can try the “sethc.exe” trick: Mount the drive RW and rename the file C:\Windows\System32\sethc.exe to sethc.exe.bak (or something) Rename C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe to sethc.exe sethc.exe is the exe for sticky keys.  When you boot up and atthe login page, press SHIFT five times fast.  Instead of getting the stucky keys … More The old sethc trick